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Cooper's Treasure: The Hunt For A...

BRAND NEW 23 MAY @ 20.00

Cooper's Treasure Interview Videos Discovery Open Window

About the show

Cooper's Treasure tells the incredible story of a legendary astronaut and the secret treasure map he began from space.

In the 1960s, Gordon Cooper was one of NASA's original space pioneers, breaking the record for the longest space flight while completing a 122 hour mission. Sent to detect nuclear sites, it was on this mission he discovered something extraordinary that he would keep secret for over 40 years. 

While in space Gordon noticed a series of anomalies around the South Caribbean and photographed over 100 of them. These anomalies were dark patches that appeared on his photographs of the earth. He believed there was only one explanation for these and thought them to be sunken ships, including the lost fleet of Christopher Columbus.

Working for decades in secret, he created a map that he believed could uncover billions of pounds-worth of treasure. Before he passed away, Gordon shared his secret with his long-time friend Darrell Miklos in the hope that the exploration would continue and the mystery would finally be solved.

Darrel Miklos Q&A

Darrell Miklos is embarking on a hunt for sunken treasure using a map created in space in the new series Cooper’s Treasure.

Cooper's Treasure

Brand new series Cooper's Treasure. Catch it on Discovery Channel 121

Space treasure hunt

Dive in deep into the treasure hunt!

Hunt for the master chart

Darrell is missing one important thing for his venture; The master chart connecting the illustrations, documents and maps he already has to locate ship wrecks across the globe. He visits Gordon's widow Susan for help.

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