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Naked And Afraid XL

Tuesday 22:00

Naked And Afraid XL Video

About the show

Follow 12 of the best survival experts attempt to survive for 40 days in one of the most dangerous environments on the planet – the South African bush.

The brave and determined veteran survivalists have assembled to take on the most daunting survival challenge ever attempted, pushing the very limits of human endurance.

Stranded in the remote, hostile badlands of South Africa, the survivalists must all vie for the same limited food, water and shelter, all the while avoiding ferocious predators such as lions, leopards and hyenas.

They must endure starvation, punishing heat, and each other. Will they band together or fracture into smaller groups to survive? In a challenge this big, will they be mentally and physically strong enough to master the environment and make it out alive?

Naked And Afraid XL: Sneak Peek

12 naked and afraid veterans put their lives on the line to survive the unforgiving African wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights

Naked And Afraid Of Lions

The threat of lingering lions has Carrie questioning whether she's bit off more than she can chew

Knock His Teeth Out

To save energy or to fight? The boys have a different approach to survival and it soon becomes heated

Naked And Afraid XL: Playlist

Twelve people. Forty days. Forty nights. No food. No water. No clothes. The ultimate trial of human endurance and will to survive

Naked and Afraid XL S2 Trailer

Naked and Afraid XL S2: Enormous Worm for dinner

Lacey finds a worm the size of a snake, she enjoys it as a snack.

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