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Street Outlaws: New Orleans

Fridays @ 9 pm


About the show

Street racing has exploded across the country, with racers organising underground leagues and establishing teams to represent their respective cities. 

One of those fledgling teams is now featured in the new series, ‘Street Outlaws: New Orleans’. The series follows a motley crew of street racers in the Big Easy, as they band together to prove they’re the nation’s fastest. With races held as often as three times a week, there are a huge number of drivers in New Orleans - both serious and amateur - calling each other out.

Kye Kelley is no stranger to the street racing circuit, having dominated the winner-take-all Cash Days, against 32 of the nation’s most elite racers. With his winning ’92 Camaro ‘The Shocker’, Kelley heads back to the Bayou to defend his title and build a crew of the fastest racers in the south-east. 

Rallying a team of New Orleans racers will prove to be a challenge with high stakes, bigger battles, more smack talk and faster cars than this city’s ever seen.

Brand New Street Outlaws: New Orleans Friday 9pm CAT

Meet The Racers

Get to know the racers who lay it all out on the line to rule the streets of New Orleans

Turbo or Nitro? Get the 101

Get the 101 from Kye Kelley on the difference between turbo and nitrous.

Crazy Street Outlaws Crashes

With high speed and high stakes comes high risk. Check out some of the craziest crashes from the New Orleans racers so far this season.

Get Behind The Wheel

Discover what it feels like get behind the wheel on the NOLA street track with these digital exclusives.

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