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Baby Changes Everything

Mondays @ 8:55 pm


About the show

‘Baby Changes Everything’ explores the exhilarating, frustrating and ultimately life-changing experience of couples making the transition to parenthood.

As seen through the lives of four diverse couples, viewers go along for the ride as they watch these new parents experience a wide range of challenges, triumphs and milestones, for the first year of their newborns’ lives.

The couples featured face different circumstances as they navigate how to fit parenthood into their already established lives. Whether it’s balancing work and their newborn, facing pressure from family, or making sure that their relationships remain intact, they will never forget this period of adjustment in their lives.

Relationships evolve, new truths are discovered and whatever life was before a baby is born, it is never the same again.

Brand New 'Baby Changes Everything' Monday 8:55pm CAT

The Babies from 'Baby Changes Everything'

From cuter to cuter, we present you the stars of 'Baby Changes Everything'

The Brave Couples

'Baby Changes Everything' follows the evolution of four families as their babies enter the world, and what that means to each of them. Meet the couples before they became parents!

'I Need Sleep Too - You're Selfish'

Doug and Mars reach breaking point as the stress of a new born takes its toll

The 1 in 70 Million High Risk Pregnancy

Ashley and Tyson are having quadruplets, but not only that they're also having two sets of twins making the birth extremely rare and risky

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