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Discovery Open Window

Dr Christian Will See You Now

Thursday at 20:55

About the show

World-renowned Dr. Christian Jessen throws open the doors to his all-new, luxury pop-up health clinic in this honest and emotional series. In each episode five members of the public with pressing health problems put their private lives in the hands of Dr. Christian and his larger-than-life, first-class medical team.

Dr Christian will see you: Teaser for Dr Christian will see you

Teaser for the series Dr. Christian will see you now

Dr Christian Will See You Now: Rosacea patient

Stacey from Cornwall suffers from rosacea. She is desperate for a treatment and visits the clinic for a consultation with Dr. Christian.

Dr Christian will see you: Allopecia sufferer

Ruby describes to Dr. Christian the impact alopecia has had on her confidence.

Dr Christian Will See You Now: trichotillomania patient

Bride to be Sian suffers from trichotillomania, a condition that compels her pulling out hair. She has come to see Dr Christian for help.

Dr. Christian Will See You Now: Dealing with Alopecia

While Ruby sees psychologist Aleks George to talk about her allopecia, Dr Christian talks to husband Luke about the support he can give her.

Dr. Christian Will See You Now: Mom tum

Mother of four Katie is devastated about the stretched mom-tum and hopes Dr. Christian has some advice.

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