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Discovery Open Window

Fat Chance

Thursdays @ 8 pm


About the show

Fat Chance’ follows eight individuals, each on a quest to lose a significant amount of weight and overcome their lack of confidence, in order to find love.

Each episode explores one person’s three-month journey to lose a targeted amount of weight, and find the conviction to finally confess hidden feelings to the object of their affection.

Our heroes promise to meet their crush in 90 days -   completely transformed. With the help of a personal trainer they will confront the scale - and some emotional roadblocks - while they learn to love themselves again, and find the courage to put their hearts on the line for a chance at love

Don't Miss The Brand New Programme 'Fat Chance' Thursday 8pm CAT. 

Catch Up On Fat Chance

Follow eight individuals on a quest to lose the weight, overcome the lack of confidence, and get the guy/gal. Will their hard work pay off?

The Fat Chance Star Pushed Too Far

Watch Daniel's sensational blow up as the stress of getting to his goal weight becomes too much

Megan Fires Her Boxing Trainer

Megan has achieved great results with the help of her trainer, so why is she about to fire him?

9 Ways to Stay Motivated When Working Out

Keeping up a regular exercise routine can be hard! Here's 9 trainer approved ways to stay motived when working out.

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