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Hair Goddess

About the show

Christina Oliva may be small in stature, but the 29 year old self-made woman has built a big business (and has the personality to match!), and she started it all in her parents' garage when she was just 18.  Christina has built a hair extension empire - she's ready to take a major next step with a brand new, full-service salon in the heart of Manhattan. She hasn't gotten here entirely by herself, however   her younger sisters Victoria (19) and Jennifer (24), as well as their cousin Anthony (18).

Hair Goddess: Chrissy Wig Damaged Hair

Chrissy hasn't had a good hair day for ages and hopes Hair Goddess Christina will be able to help.

Hair Goddess: Chrissy's New Look

Chrissy is blown away when she sees her new hairstyle.

Hair Goddess: Renee's Thinning Hair

Christina Olivia has a consultation with a new client, Renee, whose hair has been thinning over time.

Hair Goddess: Renee's transformation

Renee is over the moon when she sees herself in the mirror.

Hair Goddess: Beyond cancer

Christina's new client Jill had breast cancer in the past. She wants to change her hair and go back to feeling like herself before the illness.

Hair Goddess: Tears of joy

Jill loves her new hair. It is everything she has wished for.

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