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Discovery Open Window

Separated At Birth

Tuesday 20:55

Separated At Birth Video

About the show

This documentary series captures the compelling and heart-warming stories of family reunions. Contributors reveal their shocking accounts, including stories of adoption, abandonment at birth, secret siblings and baby kidnappings.

The series follows the very real and raw drama as empowered characters journey around the world to reunite with their blood relatives, many of whom they never knew existed.

From South African Local Carrie, who longs to be reunited with the father she has never met, to Chilean-born Ariel, on a mission to meet his long-lost sister in Italy using social media, each story is unique.

Emotions run high and anticipation builds with each revelatory twist as broken families are reunited.

'Separated At Birth Tuesday 20:55'

Separated At Birth: First Look

Lookalikes Jordan and Robin bumped into each other by chance at a racetrack in Washington DC. What happened next changed their lives forever

Reunited After 30 Years

Carrie travels from South Africa to the UK to meet her biological father for the first time in 30 years

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