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Dogs: The Untold Story

Dogs: The Untold Story Video

About the show

Dogs are much more than just a well-loved pet – they started out as wild predators and have undergone an extraordinary evolution.

This series recounts the definitive natural history of man’s best friend, following the species’ natural history and looking at a range of breeds and focusing on dogs at different stages of domestication. Explore dogs’ instrumental role in forging the modern relationships between dogs and humans.

The series also reveals the groundbreaking scientific research that proves dogs understand us better than we could have ever imagined, and that the root of our age-old bond is chemical.

Dogs have shaped the world as we know it. Hunting by our side, they made us the top predator. Protecting our herds, they allowed us to transition from hunters to farmers. Using their strength and stamina, they enabled us to inhabit the most extreme locations on earth.


Dogs The Untold Story: Playlist

'Dogs: The Untold Story' travels the world to look at how dogs enhance every aspect of our lives. Discovery Family Wednesday 4pm Ch 136

Dogs the Untold Story: Huskies

Come into the world of this sacred working dog, as a pack is formed and put to work

The Desert Dog Hunters

The Saluki is a sight hound with acute vision. Find out how they spot and pursue their targets with speeds up to 50 km/h

The Worlds First Dog Dictionary

Dogs have evolved one of the most languages in the animal world. A team of scientists wants to crack its code and create a dog language dictionary

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