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In 53% of all survival situations in the wild complete strangers are forced to work together. If they split up, their chances of survival decrease by more than half. In this reality series, two polar-opposite survival experts will endure 21 days in one of the harshest environments on earth, tied together at the waist by a 6ft steel cable. They must endure not only the elements, the incredible hostile wildlife and the need for warmth, food and water- but they must also endure each other’s hugely differing personalities. Their goal is to reach the rescue point and be extracted out of the hell they find themselves in, but getting there will be a fine, tethered line between success and failure.

Meet Keith & Willow in the Pacific Islands, Panama

Meet Jay & Matt in Camino Real, Panama

Meet Blake & Caesar in the Alaskan mountains

Meet Henry & Laura in Kodiak Archipelago, Alaska

Meet Kevin & Rob in the Louisiana bayou

Meet Nick & Jameson in North Carolina, Great Smoky Mountains

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