Gear Dogs - The History Behind the Cars

Friday at 22:00

Gear Dogs - The History Behind the Cars

This season of Gear Dogs brings us some of the most extreme car renovations so let’s take a closer look at where and when some of these amazing collectable cars came about.

67’ Plymouth Belvedere GTX

In 1967, Plymouth made a high-performance version of its Belvedere car this was known as the GTX 440, also known as the ‘Gentleman’s Muscle Car’. It is a two-door vehicle that could be purchased as either a convertible or a hardtop. With its leaf springs, modified shocks, ball joins, and torsion bars this car is a dream to handle. The 67’ Belvedere has a 440 cubic-inch eight-cylinder engine producing 375 horsepower with the option of an upgrade to a Hemi engine to kick that horse power up to a whopping 425!

70’ Chevy C-10

The C-10 is a Chevrolet made four-wheel drive pickup. The vehicle was originally made to be a work truck but the 70’s version got a face lift with upgraded engine and suspension in the late 60’s. With the revamp also came 133-inch wheelbase and featured an 8 1/2-foot box and was capable of carrying camper bodies up to 12 feet in length. Now there is only around 40,000 of these pickups around, making the C-10 highly desired for its style and power.

1980 J10 Jeep Honcho

This Jeep-cross-pickup truck, became an instant classic with drivers and collectors. With its rugged looks and power, it earnt itself the rightful nickname of ‘Macho-Honcho’. Around 15,000 of these Jeeps were made, making the car an extremely rare find. The J10 offered with a 7-foot bed on a 119-inch wheelbase or an 8-foot box on a 131-inch wheelbase. With a six-cylinder engine provided 110 horsepower at a maximum of 3,500 revolutions per minute, and it produces 195 foot-pounds of torque at 2,000 rpm.


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