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Ed Stafford: Left for Dead

About the show

Adventurer Ed Stafford is dropped in to some of the planet’s most extreme environments in this series, to find out what it’s like to be lost, alone, and forced to find his own way back to civilisation. The human body starts to shut down after around 10 days on the move without food, so this is Ed’s deadline to reach his safety team and return home. Using only natural navigation, Ed must rely on his wits and survival skills to traverse some of the harshest terrains on earth. He’ll face countless dilemmas as he travels with no map, compass or knife, no camping equipment, food or water. All Ed carries is his camera equipment to film his journey. Ed’s position is tracked by a safety team, but he travels completely alone, so his missions are as much a mental battle as a physical one. During the series, Ed will take on harsh landscapes from the Atacama Desert in Bolivia to the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. And if he doesn't make it he faces his biggest fear – the embarrassment of failure.

Survive like Ed

Imagine you’re Ed Stafford, alone in the wilderness,with only the most basic tools, no freshwater and it’s beginning to get dark... You need to act quickly to find somewhere to sleep for the night, before you can attempt to reach safety in the morning. What action should you take?

Questions with Ed Stafford

Find out what really happens behind scenes on Ed Stafford Left for Dead

Jungle Fishing

Ed builds a makeshift jungle harpoon to catch fish from the river.

Jungle Well Water

Desperately dehydrated, Ed is forced to dig a well in the jungle's earth and drink the muddy water.

Eating Unhatched Bird Eggs

Ed makes the difficult decision to eat unhatched fertilised bird eggs in a desperate effort to stay energised.

Catching Mud Crabs

With their enormous claws, mud crabs are formidable creatures and Ed is about to feel the pinch as he hunts for his dinner in the mangroves of Madagascar.

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