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Todd Sampson's Body Hack

Wednesday 28 June @ 20.00

Todd Sampson's Body Hack Videos

About the show

Adventurer Todd Sampson is on a mission to investigate some extraordinary people from around the world to see what we can all learn from their lives. In this six-part documentary series, he’ll live with hunter-gatherers in Africa, test his endurance with the French Foreign Legion, work as a Sherpa in the Himalayas, and learn traditional free-diving.

In the first episode, he’ll train with mixed martial arts coaches to see if it’s possible to be become a competent fighter – all in just two weeks. Can he step into their shoes and learn to manage the body’s response fear and stress? By pushing his mind and body to the limit he will try to prove that the human body can adapt to just about anything.

Body Hack: Sneak Peek

Follow adventurer Todd Sampson on his mission to investigate some of the most extraordinary people on the planet to see what we can all learn from their lives. Using science to hack into their lives and become one of them.

Human Expert Predator: Bow and arrow

The evolution of humans into expert predators is expertly demonstrated here when a Hadza tribesman hits a tiny bird from 20 metres.

Fear response: do you flinch

Todd has his fear response tested and measured when an MMA fighter throws punches at him.

From Strategy to Survival

In his first professional MMA fight, Todd is forced into survival mode after two heavy punches to the head.

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