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Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall

Monday at 21:00

About the show

Returning for a fourth series, news magazine show Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall follows Today Show host and MSNBC news anchor Tamron Hall, as she investigates a series of thrilling and tragic murder cases. With her strong investigative background and unyielding determination to unearth truth, Tamron goes straight to the scene of the crime. This series features the story of a talented graduate student, who when nursing a broken heart, is swept off her feet by someone new. But as the relationship progresses, revelations make it clear nothing is quite what it appears to be. Plus, a mother of four goes missing before testifying against her abusive boyfriend. And after clashing with colleague, Tom Monfils mysteriously disappears on the job at a Green Bay paper mill. Is it a conspiracy of silence, or a tragic miscarriage of justice? Tamron Hall challenges expectations with interviews from those most deeply affected, to get to the bottom of what really happened, and why.

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