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I Am Homicide

Video Scene Of The Crime

About the show

In North Carolina, America many know him as Homicide. But his real name is detective Garry McFadden and he demands justice for the departed.

Documentary series ‘I Am Homicide’ follows Detective McFadden as, case-by-case, his charisma helps him sniff out clues and hunt down leads. Immersing himself in every corner of Charlotte to protect and serve the community, McFadden uses his street smart ways to gather critical information for leads, no matter how dangerous.

Chances are, McFadden knows those involved – whether it’s the victim, family members, or even the perpetrator. In each one-hour episode, McFadden showcases his unorthodox methods to explain how he solved the most precarious cases of his career.

With each investigation, he puts it all on the line to solve the crime – and it’s worked in more than 700 cases. This unique look at justice shows McFadden’s fiery passion, all whilst wearing the best suits in town. And, after 35 years on the force, he shows no signs of slowing down.

A Break In The Crossroad Killer Case

An unexpected telephone call leads to a DNA match with the crossroad killer and a break in the investigation

Different Murder Same Weapon

Just as the Jeff Adams investigation goes cold another murder falls on the desk of detective McFadden but with the same weapon used in the Adams case

I Am Homicide: Watch

Immerse yourself in the world of detective Garry McFadden as he demands justice for the departed

The Scene Of The Crime

Hover over the icon and immerse yourself into the world of Detective Gary McFadden. Don't miss 'I Am Homicide' every Thursday 9pm on IDX

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