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The Haunted Castle VR


The Haunted Castle VR Film Behind The Scenes

About the show

THE HAUNTED CASTLE is a tantalizingly terrifying short 360° VR horror film shot on location in Transylvania at Corvin Castle, one of the largest Gothic-Renaissance castles in Europe.

Click on the 'VR Film' tab above to transport yourself to one of Romania's most spectacular yet spooky castles, but be careful, those who enter do not always return ;)

NOTE: Go behind the scenes with Discovery's Virtual Reality experts to find out what it takes to bring a VR film to life.


The Haunted Castle VR Film

Take a trip to Transylvania and watch Discovery’s first ever scripted Virtual Reality film

The Making Of A Monster

Watch as expert makeup artist Oana Orbulescu transforms man into monster

Shooting 360 With A Drone

Go behind the scenes with Discovery's Virtual Reality Team as they explain the challenges of shooting VR with a custom made drone

Behind The Scenes Shooting 360 VR

Find out what really goes on when shooting a scene for Virtual Reality

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