90 Days to Wed: Happily Ever After? - Meet the Couples

Thursday at 20:00

90 Days to Wed: Happily Ever After? - Meet the Couples

We're following 5-6 of 90 Days to Wed‘s most popular couples from all seasons to date and interweaving their stories as they navigate life as married couples.

Danielle & Mohamed

Danielle, 41, from Ohio and Mohamed, 28, from Tunisia

Danielle and Mohamed first met online in a global chatroom, and after just 5 months of messaging, Mohamed proposed! Despite their religious differences and Mohamed’s reservations when he finds out the extent of Danielle’s financial difficulties, the wedding goes ahead. 

Coming up in this series: After fleeing to Miami shortly after the wedding, Mohamed is trying to start over in Port Richey, Florida, driving for a car service.  Danielle files for divorce, but has recently come up with a plan to get revenge. 


Loren & Alexei

Loren, 28, from New York, Alexei, 28, from Israel

Loren met Alexei on a Birthright trip to Israel, where Alexei was her group’s medic.  It was love at first sight and at the end of the 10-day trip, Alexei proposed to her.  After moving to Florida, to live with Loren’s parents, the pair got married. 

In this series, Loren and Alexei are adjusting to life in Florida, but Loren can't seem to get her old life in New York City out of her head. Even though Alexei gave up everything to move to the US from Israel, Loren is now realizing she's given up a lot too, moving from New York to Florida to live with her parents and save money while he got settled in to life in America. 


Russ & Paola

Paola, 26, from Bolombia and Russ, 27, from Oklahoma

After moving to Colombia for work, country boy Russ met Paola at a local house party. Just when their romance started to take off, Russ' job called him back to the U.S.   Paola moved to Russ’ hometown of Oklahoma and Russ proposed.

In this series, after feeling like a fish out of water, Paola moves to Miami, leaving Russ in Oklahoma.  Paola is enjoying her Miami life while Russ struggles alone in Oklahoma.  To make matters worse, he is unable to sell their home because of the slow market.


Jorge & Anfisa

Jorge, 25 from California and Anfisa,  from Russia

Jorge fell in love with Anfisa after finding her photos online and contacted her through Facebook. After just 4 months of messaging they decided to travel the world together. The trip convinced Jorge he was ready to spend his life with Anfisa. After plenty of drama, the couple got married in the US.

In this series, Jorge and Anfisa are still tumultuously cohabitating in Los Angeles it's been six months since they married and the honeymoon is quickly dwindling.


Chantel & Pedro

The couple met "when Chantel's former Spanish teacher introduced her to Pedro via Facebook to help her learn the language." Upon meeting, they fell in love quickly and Pedro proposed to Chantel and moved to the U.S. for her.

In this series, Despite lying to her family during their engagement, Chantel and Pedro are settling in to married life together. Since their wedding though, Pedro hasn't been around Chantel's family, much to their dismay. There is a rift between them because Pedro feels like they don't trust him since they lied during their engagement.



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