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Discovery Open Window

Mama June, From Not to Hot

About the show

The mother of pop culture phenomenon, Honey Boo Boo, is back! Mama June is looking to get her life back in a big way. To do that, she’s waving goodbye to her old life, to the men who don’t treat her right, and her old body that has weighed her down! After years of drama with Alana's dad, Sugar Bear, June dragged him to Marriage Boot Camp. After giving him one last chance, the devastating truth of his infidelity finally set June free. She kicked her ex out and moved into a new house with her kids, Alana and Pumpkin. When Sugar Bear drops a bombshell, June is on a mission to lose weight, look great, and prove she’s one hot mama! During her journey, she fights herself, her family, and her haters to become the woman she's always wanted to be. From major weight-loss surgery, to skin removal, and a series of bad dates, she plans to defy the odds by undergoing the most dramatic total body transformation ever! And when she debuts her amazing new look, Mama June will shock the entire world!

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